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A Day In The Life – Katherine Etzel

Produced by Roger Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio, Brooklyn – April 20, 2012

Katherine Etzel – Vocals
Roger Greenawalt – Mele Tenor Ukulele

Katherine Etzel
“I am a lover of many things…good friends, sci-fi, baseball, dogs, flying trapeze, Perugia, and of course, music. I hail from Fort Dodge, Iowa, but as soon as I realized I would never play Major League Baseball, I left to explore the rest of the country, performing all kinds of music along the way, from jazz to punk. I’ve worked with lots of nice folk…some well known, most, small fish, and I find very little distinction between the two when it comes to formidable musical passion. I’m a big believer in experimenting within and across genres, but a beautiful melody consistently does me in. I currently perform with the NYC folk/Americana band Bobtown and hope to release a solo CD in the winter of 2012-2013.”

All My Loving – PT Walkley

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All My Loving – PT Walkley

Produced by Roger Greenawalt at Shabby Road Studio Brooklyn, February 13, 2012
PT Walkley – Vocals
Roger Greenawalt – Uke, Dobro, Robot Drums

PT has a new album coming out February 28, entitled Thriller. Yes, that’s Thriller.
He’s playing Joe’s Pub in NYC March 1st, and did the soundtrack to Newlyweds, out February 13.

Here is a link to his stuff

“A power-pop singer-songwriter in the tradition of David Bowie, Alex Chilton, Elvis Costello,
Ray Davies and Paul McCartney.”
-Wall Street Journal

“…an ambitious musician, Walkley is breaking the mold…”

Composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist PT Walkley’s new album, Thriller, is set for release February 28. The LP is Walkley’s follow-up to his popular and critical success Mr. Macy Wakes Alone, which NPR lauded as “shining and triumphant” and the New York Post called “a reminder of just how great an ‘album’ of music still can be.” The release show/party is Thursday March 1 at Joe’s Pub in NYC.

Produced and recorded entirely by Walkley himself, Thriller is a collection of layered electro-pop songs that merges his rock roots with a more technologically minded aesthetic, a departure of sorts from Mr. Macy Wakes Alone’s decidedly acoustic, collaborative approach. “There’s a certain one-of-a-kindness about doing it all yourself in your living room”, says Walkley. “When I’m working alone into the wee hours, I’m more likely to tap into a completely pure, uninhibited creative space.”

Walkley has been busy since the 2009 release of Mr. Macy Wakes Alone. In addition to recording and releasing two EPs—What’s What in 2010 and Ghost of Chivalry in 2011—he continued his professional relationship with filmmaker Edward Burns, scoring 2010’s Nice Guy Johnny and Burns’ latest film Newlyweds (both of which have soundtrack albums made up entirely of Walkley’s songs and score), currently available on iTunes.
New York audiences know Walkley from his many area gigs, ranging from solo acoustic sets to shows with his rock and roll band, The Blue Jackets. He has shared the stage with the likes of Coldplay, Weezer, and played at the last All Points West festival.