Beatles Complete On Ukulele -


Roger For new BCOURoger Greenawalt is a music producer based in Brooklyn, New York. With ukulele in hand, he is re-recording all 185 original Beatles songs with 185 different singers and releasing them weekly on the internet via and iTunes.

In Roger’s studio it’s “damn all assumptions, full sound ahead!” and “he takes you places you couldn’t imagine…”
Peter Buffett
Composer, Performer, Philanthropist

Since 1987, Roger has recorded with scads of musical geniuses including; Rufus Wainwright, Antony, Joan As Policewoman,  Nicholas Megalis, Ben Kweller, Rex Moroux, Jeffree Star, The Pierces, Julian Velard, Albert Hammond Jr.,   Eve’s Plum, Lincoln, Goat, Willy Nelson, We The They, Jennifer Glass, Terry Radigan, Andrew Vladeck, Ashley MacIsaac, Supergene, Adam Green, Aberfeldy, Martin Sexton, Ric Ocasek, Crosby/Nash, Konfederate Pie, Washington Social Club,  Willi Jones, Nils Lofgren, Larry Tee, Iggy Pop, Sophie B. Hawkins, John Moran, No Doubt, Terry Roche, The Murmurs, Brandon Marsalis, Joe Strummer and more.

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